Superior Sausage Stuffer in Highland, Illinois, first started as a hobby when we and some of our friends started making batches of homemade sausages. We were using old, hand-crank food processing equipment for hours, which eventually led to tired arms. A conversation started among us about finding a more "commercial" type of stuffer that could speed up the sausage making process.

The Search

The units we were able to find required hydraulic pumps or electrical power to operate. The units were heavy and out of our budget range as well. We wanted a sausage stuffer that was simple and could be used virtually anywhere with a 35 psi water pressure power requirement.


With some of our contacts at a metal fabrication facility, we were able to come up with our first sausage stuffer prototype. After a few rounds of improvements, we are now able to yield 50 sausages, more or lesss, from just one fill of our equipment prototype. It's a marked difference in comparison to using the hand crank stuffer. For us, there's no more drawing the short straw and having to crank all day!

Market Availability

When we started loaning our sausage stuffer unit to other groups of deer hunters and friends who were home-processing their sausages, we got a lot of questions asking us where we obtained the equipment. Our friends frequently asked us questions such as: "Where did you get that stuffer?"; "Can you make me one of those stuffers?";  and "Can I buy that off of you?" After enough asking, we decided to make our food processing equipment available in the market.

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